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Meet Dr. Lugus

Dr. Karl E. Lugus is one of a limited number of Board Certified Pediatric Dentists in the greater Atlanta area and is an active member of The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, The American Society of Dentistry for Children, The Southeastern Society of Dentistry for Children and the Georgia Academy of Pediatric Dentistry. He is also a Fellow with The American Board of Pediatric Dentistry. *note: Board certification is not a requirement in the dental specialties as it is in Medicine. It requires additional extensive training in each respective specialty and the majority of pediatric dental specialists are not board certified.


Dr. Lugus is a first generation born American citizen. Both of his parents emigrated to America during world War I From the northern European country of Estonia in order to escape the Soviet occupation of their country. Dr. Lugus' first language was Estonian and he maintains fluency in the language. Dr. Lugus received his dental degree in 1983 from the Medical College of Virginia (Virginia Commonwealth University) School of Dentistry. He then completed a post-doctoral hospital affiliated residency program in Pediatric Dentistry at the Medical College of Georgia in 1985, certifying him as a specialist exclusively in Pediatric (children’s) Dentistry. Dr. Lugus then went on to complete four additional years of continuing clinical and didactic training in comprehensive orthodontics for children and adolescents in Oklahoma and California. In 1994 he completed his requirements for board certification in the specialty of Pediatric Dentistry. Dr. Lugus continues to pursue ongoing studies in both orthodontic and restorative dentistry for children in order to stay in the forefront with literature and research regarding the most recent treatment recommendations in the field.  He has been practicing the specialty of Pediatric Dentistry in the Atlanta area since 1985, and opened his first private practice location in Lawrenceville in 1987.


Doctor Lugus' other interests include music, art and the great outdoors. He is a painter and plays the pipe organ, piano and guitar. He also enjoys skiing, hiking and climbing. His wife Claire and their two daughters Anna and Kristina enjoy the same passions. Anna and Kristina are both accomplished dancers, but their professions are Psychology and Athletic Training respectively. Claire is a pediatric trained ICU nurse and adds her valuable professional skills to the practice.


Each member of the office staff is highly experienced, skilled and caring in all aspects of children’s dentistry. Their dedication to the practice and to the children helps to insure that  the optimal quality of care and compassion extended towards all of our patients is second to none. We will stop at nothing to make sure that every visit to the office is an informative and pleasant one, both for you the parent as well as your child (children).

Why Choose a Pediatric Dentist?

You have most likely chosen a pediatric dentist rather than a general (family) dentist for your child’s (children’s) dental health care for the same reason that you have chosen a pediatrician for their medical needs. The distinction is important.


A pediatric dentist is first a general dentist (often referred to as a family dentist) who then must complete a minimum of two additional years in a hospital affiliated specialty residency program in Pediatric Dentistry. This training encompasses comprehensive dentistry for all children and adolescents, and includes well, sick and special needs patients.  It involves the proper diagnosis and treatment of all aspects of children’s oral health and development including restorative (reparative), preventive, emergency and orthodontic issues.  Great emphasis is also placed on child psychology and behavior guidance.  The pediatric dentist is therefore the only type of dentist fully trained and qualified to deliver all aspects of oral health care for children and teenagers.

First Visit

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your child’s (children’s) first visit.

Children are never too young to be seen by a dentist, particularly for issues involving an injury to the mouth, or if the parents or child’s physician see or suspect any oral/dental problems. However, the Academy of Pediatric Dentistry ideally recommends scheduling the first preventive dental visit by twelve months of age, or soon after the emergence of the first baby (primary) teeth, and certainly no later than eighteen to twenty-four months of age. A thorough oral evaluation at that time along with any indicated x-rays is very important in detecting a host of possible problems that may be already present or potentially ready to develop, such as tooth and oral soft tissue disease and abnormalities, developing bite problems and many others. By beginning early and maintaining regular check up visits, normally every six months, these dental problems can be minimized or prevented altogether.


This first dental visit involves an oral-facial examination along with preventive home care guidance and tips for the parents including oral hygiene and nutritional information, proper fluoride levels etc. A dental cleaning may be attempted along with possible indicated x-rays depending on the child’s age and comfort level. This visit is a thorough but short and easy get-acquainted visit. It will help pave the way for a less anxious child for subsequent appointments, should any dental work be required.


In preparing your child for their first dental procedure such as a filling, always be optimistic and matter of fact. Keep explanations short. Do not show any signs of your own fear that you may have, and do not use words like “hurt,” “needle,” “drill,” “shot,” etc.  If necessary, offer your child some type of incentive in order to get them to the appointment. Be positive. Prepare them for a fun visit. Then leave the rest up to our office. We will provide the excellent care that you desire and your child deserves, and will make the experience as pleasant as possible at the same time.

Our Practice

Our practice is located in Lawrenceville in a beautiful professional offices park in close proximity to a major medical center/hospital as well as multiple other medical and dental specialists both within and surrounding the parks themselves. Our practice is clean, spacious, and comfortable with ample room in the waiting areas.


The treatment areas for the children are also set up in large cheerful open treatment bay type rooms with easy viewing through large windows on all sides.


Our practice is designed for patient comfort. We are completely equipped with central nitrous oxide delivery as well as any needed emergency equipment and supplies.

Thanking Our Community by Giving Back

We’re offering music that Dr. Lugus was involved in making as a gift for your donation to Gwinnett Children’s Shelter. Please help a child today with your donation. Make checks payable to Gwinnett Children’s Shelter and drop it by our office, we’ll forward it to them.


Dr. Lugus had fun singing and playing keyboards & synth bass in the band“4 out of 5” dentists. Dr. Lugus can also be heard playing at the pipe organ console on both the "Lugus Organ" CD as

well as the Christmas CD " It's Christmas at a Wonderful House"


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