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Procedures and Services

Dr. Lugus incorporates only the highest quality dental treatment.


It is important to remember that good dental health which includes both teeth and gums (gingiva) is crucial for the health of the rest of the body. Dental or "oral" disease is the most common disease known. Healthy teeth serve in chewing food thus ensuring proper nutrition. They also serve as space and bone preservers ensuring normal dental development and jaw growth.


No shortcuts are taken either with the type of procedure or the materials used. The practice adheres to all OSHA guidelines regarding proper asepsis and sterilization of all equipment, supplies and materials that come in contact with the patient.


Dr. Lugus holds current certifications in basic life support, cardio-pulmonary resuscitation as well as pediatric advanced life support. He is also currently certified in performing conscious/light sedation, and stays current with all recommended sedation guidelines.  The office performs only safe oral sedative procedures that do not compromise the patients’ respiration, and incorporates the most thorough patient monitoring equipment and techniques. These office sedation procedures eliminate the added risk, time and expense of sedation procedures done intravenously in an out-patient surgical center or in the hospital that completely put the patient to sleep. The safety of our oral sedation procedures is further ensured by Dr. Lugs' wife Claire, a pediatric trained ICU nurse who is always present to monitor all the patients.


Dr. Lugus also offers complete orthodontic services for our patients and, as stated in his bio, has extensive training in comprehensive orthodontic treatment for all ages. This treatment ranges from important early timely correction of certain bite problems in young children with simple appliance therapy to complete braces for the older children. Harmful thumb, finger, pacifier and bottle sucking habits are also effectively dealt with at the proper time. Although the majority of children needing orthodontics do not need to start with treatment until all or almost all of the primary teeth have fallen out, there is still a large percentage of those children that greatly benefit from earlier treatment due to un-ideal tooth, bite and lower jaw position discrepancies. Waiting too long to begin treatment in these situations can result in asymmetric lower jaw growth, increased chances for tooth trauma and root resorption (shortening), tempero-mandibular joint (TMJ) problems, early bone/tooth loss, unnecessary extraction of otherwise salvageable permanent teeth and even surgery. All of these potential problems can be avoided with timely orthodontic growth and development supervision and treatment.  Dr. Lugus is able to assess the present and future need for orthodontic treatment as soon as the primary teeth have erupted, usually by age three.


Dr. Lugus works closely with several neighboring orthodontists in the area regarding patient consultations and cross referrals. He also has long-term professional relationships established with other dental as well as medical specialists as needed to ensure the ideal comprehensive care for every patient.